Laser source

Diode Pumped All Solid State Laser(DPSS)

DPSS lasers with features of good sealing, high output power stability, good beam profile, ultra compact, wide operating temperature, long lifetime, easy operating, working under the pressure of 0.02 kPa, which are widely used in DNA sequencing, flow optometry, cell sorting, optical instrument, spectrum analysis, interference, measurement, holography, laser printing, chip inspection, collimation, laser medical treatment, scientific experiment and other applications.

Narrow Linewidth & Low Noise U Series DPSS Lasers

With the characteristics of narrow spectrum linewidth<0.003 nm, low noise and ultra compact, are ideal for use in DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, digital imaging, analytical chemistry, particle measurements, confocal microscopy, Raman Spectroscopy and many other applications. Housed in ultra compact packages, these lasers are the perfect choice for OEM instrumentation, system design and integration, and also for end user applications in research and development.

Basic Specification

Wavelength (nm) Output power (mW) Transverse mode Spectrum linewidth (nm) Beam quality
457 1~400 TEM00 <0.003 M2<1.5
473 1~300 TEM00 <0.003 M2<1.2
532 1~1500 TEM00 <0.003 M2<1.2
561 1~200 TEM00 <0.003 M2<1.2
588 1~200 TEM00 <0.003 M2<1.2
589 1~200 TEM00 <0.003 M2<1.2
671 1~500 TEM00 <0.003 M2<1.2


 Compact and Good Sealing MxL-S Series DPSS Lasers

Basic Specification

Wavelength (nm) Output power (mW) Transverse mode Beam quality
473 1~100 TEM00 M2<1.2
532 1~300 TEM00 M2<1.2
543 1~100 TEM00 M2<1.2
588 1~50 TEM00 M2<1.2
589 1~50 TEM00 M2<1.2
671 1~200 TEM00 M2<1.2
1064 1~1500 TEM00 M2<1.2

Diode Laser

We offers high reliability diode lasers, which features with high stability, narrow linewidth, good beam profile, long lifetime, and easy operation. Housed in compact packages, are the perfect choice for design in and integration into OEM instrumentation and systems and also for end user applications in research and development.

Wavelength (nm) Output power (mW) Data sheets
375 1~50
405 1~200
450 1~30
520 1~50
637 1~100
642 1~100
650 1~80
655 1~80
660 1~80
785 1~80
808 1~80
915 1~100
940 1~100